Ahmadpour Law is a preeminent Los Angeles based law firm that consistently finds solutions to complex problems and delivers extraordinary results to its clientele

Sam Ahmadpour Criminal AttorneyAhmadpour Law is a preeminent Los Angeles based law firm that consistently finds solutions to complex problems and delivers tremendous results to its clientele. Founding attorney Sam Ahmadpour is a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney and Prosecutor of the Year in the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation. Ahmadpour Law specializes in all criminal law matters, including criminal defense and victim’s rights.

As a Super Lawyers Rising Star and top 100 National Trial Lawyer with over 50 completed jury trials ranging from DUI to high profile murders, Ahmadpour Law approaches every situation with comprehensive experience, unparalleled strategy, and superb legal ability. While we have received media coverage from outlets including CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, the Los Angeles Times, and the Huffington Post, Ahmadpour Law prides itself on client privacy and satisfaction, keeping most clients out of the news.

By contacting Ahmadpour Law, you can rest assured that your matter is in the hands of a crisis management law firm dedicated to providing the best individualized care and attention to clients in Southern California.

The sooner that we get involved with your case, the more likely we will be able to gather evidence to properly defend you.

In many instances, retaining a proactive attorney from the start may help to prevent criminal charges from ever being filed. It is our goal in every case to achieve the outcome that results in the least amount of negative change to one’s life.

It doesn’t matter what type of criminal issues you are facing or how serious those charges are; you owe it to yourself to speak with us during a free consultation. We have extensive experience with prosecutors and judges in all Los Angeles County courts, and it is highly likely that we are familiar with the prosecutor, judge, and police agency assigned to your case.

We are experienced and passionate about all criminal law issues and cases, and are well prepared to assist you or a loved one during a challenging time.

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